Full Mouth Noritake Porcelain with Zirconia Crowns


Veneers, Bleaching, and Grafts


Posterior Porcelain Fused to Noble Medal Crowns

Previously, these teeth were severely worn down and had large dark silver fillings

Anterior Implant Noritake Porcelain with Zirconia Crown

The left central tooth was lost because of infection. First, a bone graft was done; then, after six months of healing, an implant was placed. The patient wore a “flipper” to replace the front tooth while waiting to heal.


Anterior Porcelain Fused to Noble Metal Bridge

Composite Fillings

Anterior Composite Filling

Minor Chipped Front Tooth Composite Restoration


This is an orthodontic bracket with a sealant in the grooves of the tooth.
This makes the tooth like a slippery slide so the germs cannot get into the tooth to decay it.


This is the first step in doing an implant restoration. The gum has healed nicely around the implant.

The second step in doing an implant is restoring it with a crown. Gold is used in this case.

More on Implants


Grafts can be done by moving the gum tissue to enhance the cosmetics of the teeth. Notice before, the gold crown has receeded along the gum line. Originally, the margin edge of the crown was hidden tucked under the gums. Over the years, a persons gums will sometimes recede and pull back, exposing the root and the margins of the crown. In this instance the gum was brought back up to cover the root and also the gum is wider and thus more resistant to wear and tear. The after picture of the molar shows no crown margin. The after pictures also shows plump, healthy, tissue around the crown. That is what we like!