Teeth Whitening in Logan, Utah

Premium teeth whitening gels and a 2 phase “Jump Start” method— NuSmyle Dental has the best solutions for teeth whitening in all of Logan and Cache Valley.

Our two-step teeth whitening “Jump Start” method is simple!

  1. Strong Medical Grade Teeth Whitening Gel applied in office (only a 2 hour application!)

  2. Home application of milder teeth whitening gel

We offer two ways to whiten teeth. Both methods use a bleach material called carbamide peroxide. One method is done in the dental setting and the other is done at home at the patients leisure. The in office treatment uses a powerful gel to "jump start" the whitening process. This takes about two hours. The at home method uses a milder gel that takes multiple applications to get the desired effect. We recommend both methods be used to have the quickest and greatest effect on the bleaching process.

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