The Best Dentures in Logan, Utah

If you’re looking for the most life-like and realistic dentures in Logan, Cache Valley or Utah, NuSmyle Dental has the solutions for you.

Dentures are a restorative service that we provide for our patients. We offer the most life like dentures that you will ever see and the lab we use is simply amazing. You will never see a more life-like denture.  We would love to do your dentures for you and give you this amazing result.

We provide both complete dentures (for when all teeth are missing) and partial dentures (for when some teeth are missing). There are both conventional and immediate dentures. Conventional dentures are made for people who already have dentures and would like another set. Immediate dentures are made and placed immediately after their teeth have been extracted, thus the term immediate. At a bare minimum we recommend that at least two implants be placed in the lower jaw to help retain lower dentures because of the difficulty of keeping the lowers in place while eating, smiling and performing other necessary tasks during the day. Upper and lower dentures can be firmly held in place with the addition of more implants to where they can function almost like a person’s natural teeth.

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