Dental Crowns in Logan, Utah

If you need crowns, NuSmyle Dental has the best solutions available.

A Message From Our Dentist, Dr. Ed Hurst D.D.S.

I believe our crowns are the best you can get.  We first make sure the nerve is healthy before the crown is prepared by doing several tests before anesthetization and also by looking at root pictures.  We then remove all the decay and old material down to solid tooth structure.  The tooth is then built back up with all new material and the preparation in done with adequate room for the new material so that there is maximum wear longevity and esthetic properties.  We offer very strong esthetic zirconia, more esthetic E-Max, and also the most esthetic layered E-Max.  We also offer the most time tested and long lasting, gold, if you don't mind the gold color.  Gold works well in the back of the mouth where it is not as visible.

Why would you need dental crowns? Here are a few reasons:

  • Deep Decay

  • Worn-Down Teeth

  • Leaking or Cracked Teeth

  • Developmental Issues With Teeth

At NuSmyle Dental, we offer many types of dental crowns that fit virtually any need and aesthetic preference:

  • Gold (Strength)

  • Zirconium Crowns (White, Beautiful Finish and Very Strong)

  • Cosmetic Crowns (High-Grade, Looks Like Real Teeth!)

Please contact us today for more details and offers!