Preventing Cavities in Children


So, how do you prevent cavities in children?

Due to the fact that they are still learning how to properly care for their teeth, children can be more susceptible to developing cavities. Edwin Hurst, DDS and his team at NuSmyle in Logan, Utah strives to help children protect their smiles, and you as a parent will often need to take extra steps to save their smile as well. By taking the following steps, you can help reduce your kids risk for cavity development while they form habits for good oral hygiene.


Children’s need for proper oral health care begins before their teeth have even erupted, let alone before you visit our Logan dentist.

Oral bacteria, which cause tooth decay and gum disease, are present in the smile since birth. Prior to tooth eruption, routinely wiping your child’s gums is an important step in maintaining their oral health. Similarly, babies need to be monitored while feeding from a bottle. If your child is allowed to sleep with a bottle in their mouth, the sugar of the formula can lead to increased oral bacteria buildup in your baby’s mouth. Keeping the gums free from excessive bacterial build-up creates a healthier environment for your child’s teeth to emerge, reducing their susceptibility to decay.


In order to track any oral health issues your child may be developing, Dr. Hurst recommends bringing your child to have their first examination no later than their first birthday. Bringing in your child when they first get their teeth allows our Logan dentist even more of an opportunity to plan for their lasting dental wellness. Dr. Hurst can see young patients in order to either treat them personally or to help you find a pediatric dentist who can treat them, depending upon several circumstances.


Making sure your child receives proper fluoride exposure is critical to keeping their teeth healthy and strong. Professional treatments given by a dentist, specialized toothpaste, and treated water all contain the fluoride necessary to toughen the enamel, safeguarding against the bacterial acid that causes cavities. However, some caution is warranted because fluoride overexposure, or fluorosis, may cause tooth discoloration. Be sure to consult with Dr. Hurst to discuss the amount of fluoride that is appropriate for your child.



NuSmyle Dental treats the oral health of the whole family, including children, in Logan and the surrounding Cache Valley communities. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today.

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