The Benefits of Diagnodent


The Benefits of DIAGNOdent

Dr. Hurst utilizes several different technologies to help treat the oral health of his patients at NuSmyle Dental in Logan, Utah. Some of the most useful tools Dr. Hurst utilizes are two different laser systems. DIAGNOdent, in particular, is an important part of preventing oral health conditions.


Dentists like Dr. Hurst are consistently searching for signs of tooth decay within the smile. Because tooth decay is one of the most commonly occurring dental health conditions, being able to detect cavities as early as possible is critical to maintaining a patient’s healthy smile. However, exams and radiography may not always find small legions or caries in a tooth. These tiny signs of tooth decay can easily develop into damaging cavities if left untreated, but it can be difficult to find these signs by relying only on traditional means.
This is where DIAGNOdent is put to use. DIAGNOdent is a caries-detection laser that our Logan dentist uses to double-check the smile for any signs of tooth decay. The difference between the caries detection laser and exams or x-rays is that it can easily notice these smaller signs of tooth decay. It can often find smaller cavities that other imaging systems may have missed.


DIAGNOdent is used because it is one of the best ways to check individual teeth for signs of decay. Traditional and digital radiography, as well as other imaging techniques, still have their place in dentistry and are not ineffective by any means, but DIAGNOdent is an excellent supporting methodology.
Once DIAGNOdent has detected incipient caries or lesions in a tooth, Dr. Hurst can begin working on cleaning out this decay. When caries are treated before developing into larger cavities, the damage done to the tooth can be healed over time. This helps save a tooth from having to be restored by fillings or crowns, allowing you to enjoy your natural smile much longer.


NuSmyle Dental provides accurate exams and dental treatments through the use of DIAGNOdent in Logan, UT. Additionally, Dr. Edwin Hurst serves the Cache Valley communities surrounding Logan. For more information about our practice, call us today!

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