It runs in the family.


I am a native of Logan and started my dental career here with my father, Dr. Clyde F. Hurst, in 1984. I worked with him for eleven years, which was a great opportunity that I will always cherish. Like my father, my goal has been to provide the public with dental care that is not only beautiful, but will last a long time. I have many cases that I did in the ‘80’s that are still going strong and will probably last for the rest of the person’s life. I also enjoy providing care that spans the various disciplines of dentistry.

I have become an expert in root canals, implants, oral surgery, crown and bridge, and periodontal surgery. This allows me to provide most care right here in my office. There is no need to stop in the middle of a procedure and refer you to another office. We just change over a few instruments and continue on and give you complete and efficient service. My goals in the last third of my career is to center on becoming even better at everything I do and to teach other younger dentists what I have learned, i.e., the proactive and exact approach I believe in, fixing things at the appropriate time and fixing it in the best possible way. This is what I want to teach and leave as my legacy. I would hope that you would allow me and my staff to help you in reaching your dental care goals and looking and feeling the best you possibly can.


Edwin S. Hurst, D.D.S.
Your Logan Dentist


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