Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Dr. Edwin Hurst provides several different restorative services for smiles with missing teeth. These include dental implant placement and restoration, from the initial tooth extraction to the implant placement. While they provide many functional and aesthetic benefits, some patients wonder if dental implants are right for them or if they would be better served by traditional dentures and bridges.

Dental implants can best serve the smile restoration needs for most patients for several reasons, even with regards to the important role traditional restorations still serve.

The Stability of Artificial Roots

Traditional full dentures need adhesives and suction in order to stay in place. Traditional partial dentures clasp around other teeth, but these clasps can wear out teeth and loosen as a result. Because of the unreliability of adhesives, suction, and clasps, traditional dentures are not stable enough to let you chew your food as effectively as you used to do.

The portion of the implant responsible for securing the restoration are the implant posts themselves. These posts are surgically placed in the jaw bone and serve as artificial teeth roots, anchoring restorations like implant-supported dentures to the smile. The stability and support offered by posts make dental implants more stable, and your ability to chew food is rivaled only by the effectiveness of natural teeth.

Maintaining a Smile’s Good Health

The clasps of partial dentures wear down the supporting teeth enough to cause further tooth loss. Traditional fixed bridges must be placed atop the teeth neighboring the gap in the smile they fill, so those teeth are worn down to host the bridge’s anchoring crowns. These worn-down teeth will not be able to survive in the smile without further restoration.

In contrast, your smile is not negatively impacted by dental implants in this regard. The implant posts and the jaw bone are the structures supporting the restoration, so other teeth are not involved in keeping the dental implant sturdy.

Permanent Results

Because the jaw shrinks without teeth to support, full dentures must be relined constantly to fit the ever-changing dentition. Partial dentures and fixed bridges have to be replaced if the teeth supporting them are lost. Traditional restorations consequently require continual replacement and maintenance.

Dental implant restorations can last a lifetime, however, so long as proper dental habits are followed consistently. More importantly, even if the crown, bridge, or denture requires replacement, the implant post can stay in place and serve as the root for the next restoration; no part of the smile needs to be removed to accommodate the new restoration. Also, by being placed into the jaw, implant posts discourage the shrinking of the jaw bone. The risk of losing more teeth associated with previously losing teeth is significantly reduced when lost teeth are replaced with dental implants.

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